Parbati Nepali Curry

This month’s Spotlight is on Parbati, a Nepalese curry restaurant situated right by Niigata Station. Previously located in Higashi ward, the restaurant is operated by Ms. Sachiko Imai and her husband, Mr. Sunar Dipak.

Parbati from the outside.

All of the cooks are from Nepal, and Parbati has a warm atmosphere. Parbati’s curries are reasonably priced and tasty, but the staff takes a special pride in their abnormally large servings of naan — the biggest in Niigata city, to hear them tell it.



Dinner prices are also reasonable, but lunch is the real steal. The cheapest lunch set (A Lunch) comes with salad, curry, nan/rice, and a drink, all for just 680JPY (500JPY if you’re a student!). What’s more, diners can order a second serving of nan for 10JPY, and a second serving of curry for just 100JPY. There is also a drink bar option for thirsty diners.

More expesive sets come with options like multiple bowls of curry, tandory chicken, lassi, etc.

Parbati Great White Nan (Get the harpoon!)

In addition to keeping their customers well fed, Parbati’s owners are generally charitable people. Mr. Dipak’s brother runs an orphanage for disadvantaged children in Nepal, and the Parbati staff collect school supplies and other donations to bring back with them on their visits to Nepal. Additionally, the restaurant staff are involved in their local community, even visiting schools and participating in festivals when possible.

This restaurant is ENGLISH FRIENDLY (Mr. Dipak and other staff speak English, although the menu and signage are in Japanese).


Disclaimer: Parbati may have changed some of their prices since our visit, especially as a result of the national increase in sales tax beginning April 2014.

Hours: 11:00 ~ 15:00, 17:00 ~ 22:00 (open 7 days a week)
Tel. 025-245-8188

[Archived: August 2012]


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