Now through November 3rd, the Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum is holding a 2 part exhibition featuring masterpieces from the Hosomi Museum’s private collection.


(See bottom of page for special event information, etc.)

Although the exhibit features exquisite historical artwork by many Kyoto artists, the true centerpiece of the exhibition is a small collection of works by Ito Jakuchu, an 18th century painter who has steadily been drawing popular attention in recent years.

Born in 1716 to a wealthy grocer, Jakuchu spent lengthy periods of time staring down vegetables and livestock. In his 40’s he ceded the family business to his little brother, and took up painting full time. Turning away from the Kano-style of painting favored by many of his contemporaries, Jakuchu set off on an artistic journey into highly detailed and colorful paintings, combing elements of traditional Japanese and Chinese painting and experimenting with perspective and composition. The result was a very modern style that challenged contemporary standards. Jakuchu’s paintings often feature plants and animals, and his depictions of chickens are especially well renowned. Jakuchu was commissioned to paint many screens during his lifetime, several of which are featured in this exhibition. In the realm of ink painting, Jakuchu was unique for his use of negative space in order to create depth, something that went against established styles of ink painting, which stressed that all lines should be expressed in ink.

For this exhibit the Bandaijima Art Museum has implemented shallow standing glass cases, making it possible to get a close-up look at Jakuchu’s highly-detailed color paintings.

Due to their age, many of these paintings can only be exhibited in museums for brief periods of time under specific levels of lighting. Once this exhibit is over, the pieces will be temporarily returned to storage to rest for a while. The fine details of Jakuchu’s works elude reproduction in prints and photographs, so this is an excellent opportunity to see a diverse range of classic fine artworks here in Niigata.


Special Events:

Guided Tour Oct 5th (Sun) 14:00~
The museum will be holding a guided tour of the exhibit. A museum curator will explain the history and significance of the featured works. No reservations necessary. Regular admission required.

Museum Concert Oct 19th (Sun) 14:00 ~ 14:30
The Japanese music duet “Kunpuu-note” (薫風之音) will be holding a live performance in the museum lobby. The performance will feature the koto (Japanese zither) and shakuhachi (Japanese flute).

Exhibit Info
Part 1: Sept. 13 ~ Oct. 10
Part 2: Oct. 7 ~ Nov. 3
Hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 (admissions closes 30min prior to closing)
Closed: October 6th (Mon)

General Admission: 1,300JPY
Student (College, High School): 1,100JPY
(Jr. High & younger get in free)

For more info:

Location: Toki Messe 5F

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