Guest House Ninjin


One of the city’s newest, coolest places to be is easily found in Furumachi, a literal 2 min walk from Hakusan Park. P1010112

This guest house and bar, just opened fully in May, is located on the 2nd floor, and right after you get up the stairs is the front desk. If you go to the right, the room opens up into a lounge area.


Just drop by, lounge around, read a book, and hang out with other people using the space! Since this is a guest house there are people from all over that just come and go. This is a hub for internationally minded people!

They use that giant screen up there as a TV but also for movie nights that are held semi-regularly.

The owners vision of this place is to be a place people can come and go freely and use as a place of community- regardless of background.


The owner and cooking staff are such people. They both are well traveled, the owner has literally gone around the world and the chef is a backpacker. The bar that the latter is in charge of is open from 6-11pm (excepts on Tues.) with an array of dishes from different parts of the world. (Even if the bar isn’t open, feel free to bring your own food/drink and chill!)


Of course, what guest house would be a guest house without the lodging facilities! (and free Wi-Fi!)


There is a communal kitchen.


They have 2 of each facility (bathroom, shower, bedrooms)- one for ladies only, and the other is mixed.


Since it just opened, everything is still so shiny!


One night’s stay is around 3,000 yen for one person. You can find them on any number of travel booking sites or you can see openings and make reservations through their website (Japanese only) or via

They also have a renta-cycle (2, soon to be 3 bikes) that you can use for the entire day for only 500 yen.

Hours: Bar 18:00-23:00 (except Tuesdays); Lounge, whenever the door is open! (aka almost any time during the day)
Tel: (025) 311-0205
Website (Japanese Only):
Facebook: Posts mostly in Japanese but others have left reviews in English
〒951-8063 新潟県新潟市中央区古町通三番町557 2F(古町通り沿い)
2F, 557, Furumachidori-3, Chuo Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture., 951-8063, Japan

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