Toushou-hanten 騰翔飯店


If you are looking for a reasonably priced, incredibly tasty Chinese restaurant, look no further! Allow me to introduce to you Toushou-hanten.


Just one of about 10 pages of menu

Their menu is incredibly extensive: if you name it they probably have it and more! I will definitely be getting either a multi-course set (with various dishes) that happen to be very reasonably priced (less than 2000 yen per person).

The owner has been in Niigata for about 7 years and has been running this restaurant with her husband, who is a professionally trained chef, for about 4.


The A set, noodle and rice lunch option

Every day for lunch they have two cheaper lunch options. For only 648 yen, you get a noodle dish, a rice dish, a salad and a dessert- the dishes change each day.


Set menu (“with rice” on the left and “with noodles” on the right)


Gomoku Ankake (五目あんかけ) Set


Spicy Negi Ramen Set


Tantan noodles (坦々麺)


Ebi Chili set

In addition to their course meals for groups of at least two they also have and All You Can Eat and Drink menu (pictured) during dinner only.



At a glance

Food: 8/10 So good. Beware, you may get addicted and want to spend all of your money there.
Atmosphere: 8/10 Not uncomfortable. Everyone keeps to themselves. Nothing special except the art work on the walls
English Friendliness: 3/10 menu is entirely in Japanese and Chinese, but they have pictures of everything.
Price Range: Lunch ¥600~    Dinner ¥800~

Lunch: 11:00~15:00
Dinner: 17:00~23:00
Closed: New Year’s Day only


Location: (Zoom out for English)

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