Season Cafe


This restaurant is located in the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bandai making it super easy to get to!


They serve an array of foods from various cuisines such as Japanese, Italian, Western, Indian and more.


They have all kinds of set menu items and courses but the star of the show is their buffet which they have for both lunch or dinner.


If you stay at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel where this is located you can usually get a discount. This is also where the hotel’s breakfast is provided.


The restaurant has a clean and open concept which makes it easy to get around comfortably. Bonus that all of the dishes have Japanese and English on their signs (the drinks and desserts may not however).


Curry, soup, pasta, salad, bread and more!


The cost of drinks is covered in the cost of buffet but if you order a set meal, the drink bar is extra.


Who doesn’t love a chocolate fountain? and cakes… and ice cream…


The roast beef in the upper left of the above image was from their “Chef’s corner” which changes monthly or more. You can find that information (in Japanese) on this restaurant’s webpage.


Believe it or not this fancy atmosphere is kid-friendly and popular with moms!


At a glance

Food: 7/10 Fancy food in buffet form. Exactly what you would expect.
Atmosphere: 8/10 Quiet, relaxed. Kid-friendly and non-smoking
English Friendliness: 7/10 The menu and nearly everything on the buffet was labeled (except the drinks and desserts) but the servers don’t necessarily speak English
Price Range: Lunch ¥1500~

Hours: 6:00am〜10:00pm

Lunch: Weekdays 11:30am〜2:30pm
Weekends/Holidays ①11:30am〜1:00pm(90 min)and ②1:30pm〜3:00pm(90 min)

Dinner: 5:30pm〜9:00pm(Last entry 8:00pm)
Closed: Mon~Weds

Calendar (for discounts):

Phone: 025-245-3336 (6:00am〜10:00pm)

Location: ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Niigata 1F 〒951-8531 Niigata-ken, Niigata-shi, Chūō-ku, 5-11-20 Bandai

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