With the arrival of summer comes the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation’s annual Outdoor Sports Festival! Come enjoy a day of team sports and good times by the beach. There will be plenty of time to play, eat, or just stand around talking. Teachers from local clubs will be present to provide instruction for Beach Volleyball and Capoeira.

(Picture: Outdoor Festival 2016 写真:アウトドア・フェスティバル2016)

This year’s activities will be split into two parts.

Morning (10:00~ )
10:00 ~ Registration
10:30 ~ 12:00 – Beach Volleyball, Korean Team Dodge Ball & Charades (3 premade teams for each sport and change sport every 30 minutes! )

12:00 ~ 13:30 – Lunch Time (Bring your own lunch)

Afternoon (12:00~ )
13:40 ~ 14:20 – Capoeira (taught by a local instructor)
14:20~15:00 – Mystery Game!
15:00 ~ – Clean Up


Date: Sat, May 27th, 2017 from 10:00 AM

Participation Fee: Adult – 300JPY; Jr. high & younger 100JPY (must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)

Location: Sekiya-hama-chuo-iriguchi (関屋浜中央口) Center entrance of Nishi Kaigan Park, by the Giant Castle Slide. Please check the map. =>関屋浜中央口第1駐車場/@37.9181382,139.017034,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x5ff4c9da1715ae0b:0xc8c8d8dde3cd1248!8m2!3d37.918134!4d139.019228

Organizer: Niigata City International Exchange Foundation (NCIEF)

Sign Ups: Reservations required (70 spots available).

To sign up, contact us by e-mail (, phone (025-225-2727) or visit our office in person on the 2nd floor of CrossPal Niigata. Be sure to include ①Participant names ②Number of people ③Country of origin ④Contact info  (email and phone number)⑤How you learned about this event.

*Lunch is bring your own food. There will be coolers available for use. We will NOT provide BBQ grill this time.

Sign-up Deadline: 5/25 (Thu)

Some Requests from the Organizer:

-If you have reusable plates, cups, chopsticks, etc., please bring them! Help us reduce our impact on mother earth.

-Lunch is not provided so be sure to bring your own lunch. We will be supplying a limited number of drinks and will have coolers available for use.

-We’ll be playing sports in the hot sun, so please bring sunblock, hats, towels, and water—make sure to stay hydrated!

Note: In the tragic case of rain, the event will be held indoors at CrossPal Niigata. In this case, the day will include sports in the 2F gymnasium and multicultural games in the exchange halls. Please keep an eye on the weather, and check the Facebook event page or your email for event updates in English & Japanese, or contact us directly (phone/e-mail). If there is a change, it will be announced the night before.



Remember to call and sign up before all the spots are gone. We hope to see you there!
Outdoor 17
[Outdoor Festival 2013 – Volleyball ビーチバレー アウトドア・フェスティバル2013]
[Outdoor Festival 2013 – Capoeira カポエイラ アウトドア・フェスティバル2013]

Outdoor 18





午前  10時~
10:00 ~ 受付
10:30 ~ 12:00 – ビーチバレー + ペアドッジボール + ジェスチャーゲーム (3つのチームに分け、同時進行で行います)

12:00 ~ 13:30 – ランチタイム(各自持参)

午後 13時40分~
13:40 ~ 14:20 –カポエイラ体験
14:20 ~15:00 –国際交流ゲーム
15:00~ – 片づけ



日時: 5月27日(土)10:00~15:30

参加費:  大人300円 ※中学生以下:100円 (保護者同伴)

場所:   関屋浜中央口 (西海岸公園の休憩所)に集合 【地図を参照】 =>関屋浜中央口第1駐車場/@37.9181382,139.017034,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x5ff4c9da1715ae0b:0xc8c8d8dde3cd1248!8m2!3d37.918134!4d139.019228

主催:  (公財)新潟市国際交流協会


申し込み: 電話(025-225-2727) メール(または当協会(クロスパルにいがた2F)の窓口まで。申し込みの際は次の5項目を教えてください:①名前 ②人数 ③出身国 ④連絡先 (電話番号・メールアドレス) ⑤どこでこのイベントを知りましたか)

申し込み締め切り: 5月25日(木)





※ 雨天の場合はクロスパルにいがたで屋内イベント(スポーツ、交流ゲーム)を予定しています。クロスパルにいがたで屋内イベントを行うときはFacebookのイベントページとメールで前日の夜までにお知らせしますのでご確認ください。直接協会に電話しても大丈夫です。



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