Bakutei Singapore Dining


It is my privilege to introduce to you probably the best place in all of Niigata (if not further) to get real Singaporean food.


After being greeted by the bright blue exterior (and the “today’s menu” out front), you cross the threshold into the unexpected. The restaurant has a calm and homey, yet classy feel to it.

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The restaurant is named for the dish Bah Kut Teh, which literally means “Pork Bone Tea” and is the broth and meat in the noodle dish below.


Bak Kut Teh (Pork rib soup) with noodles set with nasi goreng (fried rice), fried wonton, and a salad

The chef is from Singapore got trained worked in hotels and what not. His wife lived in Singapore 8 years working at an IT company. They met in Singapore, got married, lived there for about four years together before moving to Niigata to fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant in Japan to share his country’s culinary culture with Japan.


Chicken Curry Set with salad, rice, and fried wonton

Authenticity is part of their goal so they order a lot of their ingredients-in particular, spices- straight from Singapore. That means that when they say that the curry is spicy, IT IS SPICY. Do not use Japan’s definition of spicy either. That said, they use a spice blend and cannot tone down the spiciness… recommended for spice-fiends only.

All of these items can be ordered a la carte or in sets. The set is made up of the entree, a salad, fried wontons, a coffee and a dessert.

For an added price you can upgrade your coffee to a Vietnamese coffee or a flavored coffee.


Vietnamese Coffee


And you can upgrade your ice cream to a merlion mango purin.

They are open for lunch and dinner and even do an English Salon during “tea time” in between meal times at the end of the month. You can find out when the next one is by checking out their LINE, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. All of those are run in Japanese but again, both of the owners can speak English so feel free to message them in English (or Chinese for that matter!)

They even have WiFi set up in their restaurant if you needed any more reason to go. Bonus, if you don’t have a car, fret not! You can get there by bus! (if you go for dinner, be aware of the bus schedule though!)

At a glance

Food: Each dish had perfectly balanced flavors. Portions were well worth the price.
Atmosphere: Calm, open, and classy
English Friendliness: 8/10 The owners can both speak English. However, the menu is almost entirely in Japanese (though an English menu is in the works), with lots of pictures. If you know what you are looking for or want to go off their suggestions, you will have zero problems!
Price Range: Lunch ¥900~

Lunch: 11:30~15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
Dinner: Weekday  18:00 ~ L.O. 21:00; Weekend  17:30~L.O .21:00
Close: Tuesday
※Open if Tuesday falls on public holiday,, the following day will be closed.

Website (English available):

Location: (Zoom out for English)

2-2-7 Shinmatsuzaki Higashi Ward, MKBuilding Level 1 Niigata City  〒950-0017

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