Book Inn

The spotlight has been shifted to yet another guest house located in the city. Opened in April of 2017, this conveniently located hostel is perfect for book lovers.

Coming out of the elevator, to your left is a vending machine and smoking area, but turning right you see the quaint wooden entryway and window to the reception desk. The staff speak English and Japanese so no worries when checking in.

The first thing you see as you come through the door is the lobby area which can be used by hourly guests as well as overnighters. The best time to come to just chill is from 1-5 pm but the owners say there is usually someone at the desk 24/7 so chances are, you can chill in the lobby.

So you check in, head through the lobby, and the first thing you see as you go through the doors is:


Rows 1 and 2 of beds and shelves

And then you are hit with the wonderful smell of wood. All these months later and the aroma of wood fills the space.


Row 3 of beds and shelves and a seating area

They have 3 rows of shelves with stacked beds behind them. They typically divide the rows between ladies only and mixed.

And of course, on those shelves are tons and tons of books. They chose their name because they have 4000 books, of which 1000 are in English. Most of the books were donated to them and they are not even close to being done collecting books for the inn. Their goal is to have 10,000 books in their collection so if you have any books that you don’t need, let them know!

Their amenities in the bed area include more seating, unit bathrooms, unit shower rooms, microwave, hot water dispenser, and lockers for valuables.

The beds themselves are numbered cubbies each with a bed, bedding, lamp, outlets, curtain, and a separate cubbie under the beds for suitcase storage.

The couple who run this place are warm and welcoming people who both speak English, no problem. The husband is actually an American of Japanese descent, originally from Hawaii. They want to share their love of books with everyone so if you are near the station and looking for a place to chill for a few hours or crash for the night, check them out!

Prices:  Vary. Base overnight price from 2,500 yen. Special packages for late night arrivals and hourly guests. Plans are also available for short stays with shower access. Couples’ plans available
: 025-290-7322
Reservations: Rakuten, Jalan, Phone,
Address: 〒950-0901 新潟県新潟市中央区Chūō-ku, Benten, 3 Chome−1, 弁天3-1-21 菊地第一ビル4F

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