Teishoku Yotsuba


Teishoku Yotsuba on a rare sunny winter’s day

Opened in December of 2016, this restaurant has been serving up delicious Chinese food which you know has to be good, not just because I said so, but because the owner is from Harbin in Northern China.

Located on a main street in Higashi Ward with a bus stop nearby, this open and airy restaurant is a great place to eat lunch and I can only assume that it is great for dinner as well, considering their happy hour and drink set menus.

The restaurant’s name means “Food Set Four-leaf-clover” and they chose the name because of a morning NHK drama (Beppinsan). In the drama, there was a scene where a bento made the recipient so happy because it had a four leaf clover on top. To the owners, the shamrock symbolizes luck and happiness, things they hope to bring their customers.

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*Not pictured: the full dinner menu

The owner started cooking when she lived in Harbin but has been living in Niigata since 2003. She and her husband have run other restaurants in Niigata but moved to start this restaurant because of the location and the building. It is easily accessible by car (there is a parking lot) and by bus (there is a bus stop a short 30 second walk from the building).

Each lunch comes with after meal coffee (self-serve) and for NIEF support members (English page coming soon), you can get 100 yen off a set drink (which, in most cases means free).

At a glance

Food: Very satisfying and filling.
Atmosphere: Calm, open, and homey
English Friendliness: 2/10 The menu is entirely in Japanese with pictures for all of the main items.
Price Range: Lunch ¥700-900

Lunch: 11:00-14:30
Dinner: Weekday  17:00 – 21:30
Close: Monday

Location: (Zoom out for English)

〒950-0024 新潟県新潟市東区河渡甲388番地
338 Koudoko, Higashi Ward, Niigata City  〒950-0024

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