The sake cup in the picture may look pretty shallow, but for two very special days in March, it’s as deep as the sea. That’s right, Sake no Jin is back, and on March 9th and 10th (Sat & Sun) anyone with an official cup can drown themselves in unlimited samples from nearly all 90 of Niigata’s sake breweries. Sake no Jin is the ultimate sake lover’s event, and busloads of sake drinkers come from around the nation to drink their fill.

poster5 (Niigata Tanrei has the Right of Way: enjoy local sake) (Cheating OK: try different breweries)

How It Works:
A One Day Pass for Sake no Jin costs 2,000JPY if you pre-order, 2,500JPY at the door, or 1,500JPY after 3PM and comes with an original sake cup (お猪口 “o-choko”) and one free bottle of water (you’ll need it).
BONUS: If you’re 20 years of age, then you can get in for just 500JPY.
(Entry is free for visitors who don’t drink.)

We highly recommend that you get your tickets ahead of time, as the entry line for Sake no Jin is nothing to sneeze at.




The number of people who can enter the hall at one time is limited, but once you’ve surmounted the entry line, you’re free to frolic amongst what seems like countless booths lined with bottle after bottle of Niigata brand sake. All you need is your sake cup and the will to drink. It’s also possible to leave part way through and come back.

20140314-16 040

Each brewery will bring a significant portion of their line up, meaning that there are over 360 varieties to choose from.

There are a number of food stands in the event hall, but many visitors bring their own side dishes of choice from outside.


Finally, the festival also includes some special shows and events, such as the dancing Geigi pictured below.

20140314-16 069(What better excuse to experience Japanese culture?)

Recap: Event Details
When: Sat, March 9 & Sun, March 10 (10:00 ~ 18:00)
Where: Toki Messe (see map below)
Event Website (JP):
Event Website (EN):

Tickets can be purchased at convenience stores such as 7 Eleven and Lawson, as well as at stores and restaurants throughout the city. (For more information see the event’s ticket page [Japanese]:

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