The Niigata City International Exchange Foundation (NCIEF) provides support to foreign nationals residing in Niigata and promotes international understanding within the community.

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CrossPal Niigata


NCIEF is located on the 2F of CrossPal Niigata in the International Friendship Center. (Go up the stairs and turn right)

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(The large number of flyers will confirm that you found the right place)

The International Friendship Center includes NCIEF’s office, as well as a lounge with chairs, desks, English TV, and a free tea service.

Representative Annual Programs and Activities

1. Japanese Language Courses (See here for more information)

NCIEF also coordinates regional Japanese classrooms and holds annual skill development classes for teachers of Japanese.
In addition to NCIEF’s Japanese classes, FREE Japanese classes taught by volunteer teachers are also held regularly in CrossPal Niigata throughout the week.

2. Outdoor Festival

(Every year NCIEF holds an outdoor BBQ and sports event for Japanese and foreign residents)

3. “Nico Pal Club” Study Support Classes for Children (click here for the Japanese flyer)

Nico Pal provides free study support to children from families whose primary language is not Japanese. The group meets every Saturday from 10am to 2:30pm in the International Friendship Center on the 2nd floor of CrossPal Niigata.

4. Multilingual Picture Book Readings

NCIEF holds annual picture book readings that feature books in Japanese and Russian, Chinese, Korean, French, and English.

5. CIR Foreign Culture Classes & Lectures

Niigata City’s Coordinators for International Relations (Russia, China, Korea, France, America) hold open annual classes and lectures on their native country (Language: Japanese).
(Korean Culture Lecture)

6. Japanese Culture Classes and Events

In addition to holding periodic culture classes, NCIEF organizes a group of close to 100 people every year to dance the Minyo Nagashi in the Niigata Festival.
[Niigata Festival Minyo Nagashi] yearly

7. “Oshaberi Salon” Bimonthly Foreign Culture Talk Circle (Japanese)

8. Niigata International Film Festival (Co-sponsored with the Niigata International Film Festival Executive Committee)

9. Foreign Language Speech Contests

10. Lectures and Symposiums Promoting Multiculturalism

11. Home-Stay Program for Study-Abroad Students

12. Free Medical & Legal Consultation Events for Foreign Residents

In addition to the above programs, NCIEF also provides financial support for study-abroad students (both foreign students studying in Niigata city and Japanese high school students who study abroad) and financial assistance for international exchange events/projects organized by Niigata citizen groups.
Find out more about NCIEF by visiting our website, or coming to see us in person!

Support NCIEF by contacting us directly to make a donation!