About the Niigata English Journal

Welcome to the Niigata English Journal’s blog!

This site is run by NCIEF (Niigata City International Exchange Foundation), [located in CrossPal Niigata, 2F], an organization dedicated to supporting local foreign residents and promoting cultural exchange in Niigata. In addition to providing a series of entries with important living information, this blog also seeks to help residents discover new and interesting facets of Niigata City.

We’re just getting started, but please take a look through our archives and feel free to leave your comments. Remember to check back regularly to see our latest articles! New articles will be published every month.

Frequent topics include:
-Niigata’s Culture and History
-Niigata Special Events and Art Exhibits
-Local Restaurants and Facilities
-NCIEF Special Services/Events for Foreign Nationals

In addition to this blog, NCIEF publishes a monthly pdf containing information on educational support classes and culture events in addition to event information submited by other organizations to NCIEF’s “community bulletin board.” The pdf can be downloaded here.