Introducing local restaurants, cafes, shops, and other must see places in Niigata City.

ORI ORI Guest House


Ori Ori

Next we have turned our spotlight on a new guest house that just opened in Niigata City this year!

This bright and beautiful establishment is run by Kazuno Maeda, a cat lover and international exchange enthusiast. (more…)



Niigata City has a super easy to use renta-cycle system that is definitely worth a try!KIMG0794.JPG


Regretfully, all of the information about this system can only be found in Japanese here (until this post! ) so I will try to explain the system in such a way that it makes sense but you will need at least basic Japanese- better yet bring a friend who can speak/read Japanese if you can’t (useful Japanese phrases can be found throughout this post)


Look for the above lettering!



Would you like to relax and enjoy an impressive meal in a quiet restaurant that’s within view of Niigata Station? If so I have the place for you! This time our Spotlight shines on Shangri-La, located on the 2nd floor of Hotel Rei.

shangri-la (1)

Exit the bandai exit and on the left side of the intersection you can see the entrance

Niigata Tokyu Rei Hotel, founded as Niigata Tokyu Inn, is located across the street from the Bandai entrance of Niigata Station. “Rei” comes from multiple plays on words. (more…)