Introducing local restaurants, cafes, shops, and other must see places in Niigata City.

Royal Asian Dining & Bar

This time around, we visited a relatively new Asian cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Furumachi that is run by a Nepalese chef with over 20 years of experience in the kitchens in Nepal, India, Tokyo, and now Niigata. (more…)



IMG_0312Recently we went to Zen, a restaurant located on the 16th floor of the Next 21 building near the heart of Furumachi. Here, you can practice Zazen meditation and have breakfast fit for a monk in the morning and come back to have a Tanita Shokudo balanced meal for lunch.



Emitai Bakery

This time, our spotlight is on a bakery that may be a bit out of the way but is well worth the trip. The name of the bakery comes from Senegalese lighting god. The owner, Mr. Mitsuhiko Kawashima, went to a bakery of the same name in Senegal during his time volunteering with JICA. (more…)

Teishoku Yotsuba


Teishoku Yotsuba on a rare sunny winter’s day

Opened in December of 2016, this restaurant has been serving up delicious Chinese food which you know has to be good, not just because I said so, but because the owner is from Harbin in Northern China.

Located on a main street in Higashi Ward with a bus stop nearby, this open and airy restaurant is a great place to eat lunch and I can only assume that it is great for dinner as well, considering their happy hour and drink set menus.


Nakano House Museum

The spotlight this time is on the Nakano House Museum-an absolutely gorgeous place that I am surprised even NEEDS the spotlight in the first place. Not only is it a photographer’s paradise (especially in the fall), but it holds so much history and art that it is definitely worth a visit (or three).