Season Cafe


This restaurant is located in the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bandai making it super easy to get to! (more…)


Greetings from your new blog admin!


My name is Charlene Woolson (aka Charlie) and I am the new Coordinator for International Relations for Niigata City. That means that as a part of my duties I am the new content creator and administrator for this blog.

I hope to share more of Niigata City with the world and make it more accessible and appealing to the English speaking world.

The contents of this blog will remain along the same lines as before, and will mostly include upcoming and ongoing events, places of note (particularly restaurants and the like), as well as information to help you to live in, visit to, and enjoy Niigata City.

As for myself, I am from the U.S.A (from the state of Iowa) and I love food and cooking so look forward to more food related posts! (I will do my best to mix it up and do posts on other things as well!)

I look forward to working on this blog and I hope you enjoy!