Nakano House Museum

The spotlight this time is on the Nakano House Museum-an absolutely gorgeous place that I am surprised even NEEDS the spotlight in the first place. Not only is it a photographer’s paradise (especially in the fall), but it holds so much history and art that it is definitely worth a visit (or three).


2015 Culture City of East Asia

If you have walked around Niigata City at all you have probably come across this sign at least a dozen times already:


This is Niigata City`s official logo marking it as a 2015 Culture City of East Asia. From the official site a Culture City of East Asia is described as thus:

“From among the cities in Japan, China, and Korea that are aiming to develop their ties through culture and the arts, one city in each country is chosen, each year and a variety of cultural and artistic events are held.
In this way mutual understanding within East Asia can be deepened, and the ability to internationally promote the diverse culture of the region is strengthened.

In addition, the cities chosen as Culture Cities of East Asia also aim to use the implementation of the project as an opportunity on a continuous basis by taking advantage of their distinguishing cultural characteristics in order to promote culture, the arts, creative industries, and tourism.”

As such a huge range of exhibitions and events have been held and there are more to come through the end of the year. On the English version of their website you can learn more about Niigata as a Culture City of East Asia, as well and search through their events.


Now through June 28th, 2015 the Niigata Bandaijima Art Museum is featuring a highly unique cross-over exhibition. The selection explores how modern Korean and Japanese artists experienced and represented the space known as “Korea” from the 1890’s through the 1960’s—a turbulent period marked by war, colonization, and dramatic cultural change.

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