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The sake cup in the picture may look pretty shallow, but for two very special days in March, it’s as deep as the sea. That’s right, Sake no Jin is back, and on March 10th and 11th (Sat & Sun) anyone with an official cup can drown themselves in unlimited samples from nearly all 90 of Niigata’s sake breweries. Sake no Jin is the ultimate sake lover’s event, and busloads of sake drinkers come from around the nation to drink their fill.





With the arrival of summer comes the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation’s annual Outdoor Sports Festival! Come enjoy a day of team sports and good times by the beach. There will be plenty of time to play, eat, or just stand around talking. Teachers from local clubs will be present to provide instruction for Beach Volleyball and Capoeira.

(Picture: Outdoor Festival 2016 写真:アウトドア・フェスティバル2016) (more…)

Japanese Culture Classes for Foreigners (past)


Come to learn how to fold origami this pretty!

The Niigata City International Exchange Foundation is offering a Japanese culture class for foreigners. The class will be taught in Japanese by Japanese people who do these activities as a hobby. However, I will be attending so English interpretation will be available for you so don’t be afraid to sign up!


Practicing how to write the kanji for happiness- which there will be an abundance of at this year`s event as well!

Every year, NCIEF offers various chances for cultural exchange and this is another one of them. During this 3 hour event, professionals and long time practitioners of the crafts will teach you about and be able to experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy, and origami.


Professionals will prepare for you a beautiful cup of tea. Won`t you join us?

This class is limited to 25 people so sign up before all of the spaces are filled!

Event Details:
: November 7th (Sat)
Time: 13:00-16:00
Place: Crosspal Niigata 2nd floor, lecture room 201
Fee: 500 yen
Number of People*: 25

*Reserve your spot via phone (025-225-2727) or email (


Every year on the first night of the Niigata Matsuri thousands of citizens gather to dance in what is known as the “Minyo Nagashi.” Companies, organizations, and neighborhood associations make floats and organize themselves into groups along the length of Masaya-koji, stretching across the Bandai Bridge and extending toward Niigata Station.