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2019 Indoor Festival

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2018 Outdoor Festival Korean Pair Dodgeball

With the arriving of summer, so comes the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation’s annual Sports Festival! This year, we have moved the festivities to the centrally located CrossPal Niigata so rain or shine we are set to have a blast. Come enjoy a day of team sports and good times. Event information listed below

As per usual, this year’s schedule will be split into two parts.

12:30~ Doors Open
1:00~3:00 – Beach Volleyball, Korean Team Dodge Ball & Frisbee (We will split you into groups and you will rotate through the different sports)
3:15~3:45 – Japanese Field Day Game (Giant Ball)
3:45~4:20 – Mystery Game!
4:20~4:25 – Award Ceremony
4:25~ Clean Up


Date: Sat, May 25th, 2019 from 12:30 PM
Participation Fee: 300 JPY Please try to bring exact change for the registration fee.
Location: CrossPal Niigata (
Organizer: Niigata City International Exchange Foundation (NCIEF)

Sign Ups: Reservations required (60 spots available).
To sign up, contact us by e-mail (, phone (025-225-2727) or visit our office in person on the 2nd floor of CrossPal Niigata. Be sure to include ①Participant names (with Katakana) ②Number of people ③Age ④Country of origin ⑤ Contact info (email and phone number) ⑥How you learned about this event.
Sign-up Deadline: 5/23 (Thu)

Note: Don’t forget to bring your indoor running shoes and to wear comfortable clothes.




With the arrival of summer comes the Niigata City International Exchange Foundation’s annual Outdoor Sports Festival! Come enjoy a day of team sports and good times by the beach. There will be plenty of time to play, eat, or just stand around talking. Teachers from local clubs will be present to provide instruction for beach volleyball and frisbee.

Nakano House Museum

The spotlight this time is on the Nakano House Museum-an absolutely gorgeous place that I am surprised even NEEDS the spotlight in the first place. Not only is it a photographer’s paradise (especially in the fall), but it holds so much history and art that it is definitely worth a visit (or three).



Niigata City has a super easy to use rent-a-cycle system that is definitely worth a try!KIMG0794.JPG


Regretfully, all of the information about this system can only be found in Japanese here (until this post! ) so I will try to explain the system in such a way that it makes sense but you will need at least basic Japanese- better yet bring a friend who can speak/read Japanese if you can’t (useful Japanese phrases can be found throughout this post)


Look for the above lettering!