Royal Asian Dining & Bar

This time around, we visited a relatively new Asian cuisine restaurant located in the heart of Furumachi that is run by a Nepalese chef with over 20 years of experience in the kitchens in Nepal, India, Tokyo, and now Niigata. (more…)



IMG_0312Recently we went to Zen, a restaurant located on the 16th floor of the Next 21 building near the heart of Furumachi. Here, you can practice Zazen meditation and have breakfast fit for a monk in the morning and come back to have a Tanita Shokudo balanced meal for lunch.




Niigata City has a super easy to use rent-a-cycle system that is definitely worth a try!KIMG0794.JPG


Regretfully, all of the information about this system can only be found in Japanese here (until this post! ) so I will try to explain the system in such a way that it makes sense but you will need at least basic Japanese- better yet bring a friend who can speak/read Japanese if you can’t (useful Japanese phrases can be found throughout this post)


Look for the above lettering!